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Program & Facility Strategic Design

Early design considerations present the best opportunity to put in place the necessary components for an ongoing successful community dining services program. Too often the dining service program is developed around existing facility design limitations and capabilities. It is the dining services program that, in the long run, will have a most significant long-term impact upon the community. The opportunity to design a facility that allows program flexibility and responsiveness necessary over future growth and development is an opportunity that cannot be missed or compromised.


DMR provides the following support for the program and facility design process:


  • DMR will assist with the program design for the community. This program design will encompass all components of the community requirements and expectations.

  • DMR will assist and provide coordination of facility design and facilitation of construction administration.

  • DMR will assist in development of the program budgetary and management specifications based upon program design. Such start-up support will assure a continuity of program delivery from concept through initiation.


With input from appropriate constituencies, the anticipated needs, expectations and requirements to be placed upon the dining services program can be identified and collated into a comprehensive program design. Dining Management Resources will assist with these important components of program design. This knowledge and information, coupled with an efficient design, will help assure a program and facility that are suited to meet the needs of the community. 


The first step in the design process is to identify and articulate those components of the dining services program that all parties are expecting. It is vital that these discussions encompass not only the physical requirements of the program but also identify intangible components such as style and capability. All of these aspects will be taken into consideration in the design of the program.


  • DMR will work closely with all appropriate parties in the discussion of these components. Once all of these components have been addressed, identified, and blended into a total program, we will provide a Program Operational Narrative. This is a descriptive presentation of the dining service program as it has been defined.

  • DMR can manage the kitchen design RFP and direct the design process. This assures that the program design previously outlined is incorporated and accomplished in the facility design.

  • DMR will provide to the administrative and design team the following support, packaged in a need-specific configuration, during the design and installation phase of your project:

    • Phase 1- Program Development

    • Phase 2- Kitchen & Dining Facilities Architect Selection

    • Phase 3- Schematic Planning

    • Phase 4- Preliminary Planning

    • Phase 5- Design Development

    • Phase 6- Contract Documents

    • Phase 7- Kitchen Equipment Contractor Bid Management

    • Phase 8- Construction Services


The Phase contents are defined by proposal for each distinct engagement. Our strong operational knowledge, a practical design approach and process management experience will assure that the program delivered to the community is the one that was articulated in the design and conceptual stage.


Our fee structure is an "open book fee accounting".


Our quoted fee is a "not to exceed" amount for the entire Scope of Work once defined.

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