News Archives: December-October 2016


Addressing Mental Health As A Disability

Published 12/6/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

Employees with mental health issues fall under protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employers made aware of subordinates with mental illnesses (or recovering from them) can provide accommodations to the affected employees if those workers demonstrate credentials that qualify them for a particular job.

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Be Thorough With Background Checks

Published 11/22/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

Conducting background checks can help ensure you hire employees who do not threaten the financial well-being of your dining  program; in addition, employee safety and morale can also be preserved. However, improper execution of these assessments can not only negatively impact your operations but also carry legal consequences.

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Maintaining Connections With Job Seekers

Published 10/21/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

The convenience  of soliciting job applications and resumes online should be balanced with a personal approach, particularly during the interviews. After all, applicants are not the only ones who have to make a good impression - hiring managers have to do the same.


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