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News Archives: September-August 2014


Ensuring Immigrant Workers are Properly Documented

Published 9/24/14 by Restaurant Hospitality

Not verifying immigration status of non-U.S. citizens can result in six-figure fines and imprisonment for dining operators. Gaining basic knowledge of immigration documentation should easily allow managers to perform audits. Read more

Identifying Motivations Key to Engaging Employees

Published 8/25/14 by Restaurant Hospitality

Engaging employees requires determining their motivations. While positive feedback and constructive criticism can help, it is important to communicate career goals and short-term objectives. Playing to your staff's strengths is also vital. Read more


Survey: Salad Bars, Desserts in Highest Demand among Residents

Published 8/24/14 by Senior Housing News

Developing a new dining program or modifying an existing one? Residents seek fresh salad bars, a bakery and room service most often, according to a recent survey. Read more


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