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News Archives: November-August 2013


When to Enter into Commodity Contracts

Published 11/21/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Entering into commodity contracts can provide cost and supply certainty. Such agreements may also backfire when supplies rise and prices fall. Read more


High Blood Sugar, Dementia Risk Related, Study Finds

Published 8/9/13 by The New York Times

High blood sugar was found to correlate with greater dementia risk, according to a study. Researchers, however, were unable to explain the reasoning. Read more

Ensuring proper Fiber Intake

Published 8/7/13 by Advance Healthcare

Fiber is a critical component in seniors' diets, as it assists in the digestive process; however, surveys indicate not all elderly adults are receiving adequate fiber allowances. Dieticians are devising protocols for proper fiber intake even as there are no recommended daily allowances for it. Read more

Physical Plant/Design

Preventing Kitchen Fires

Published 8/15/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Not taking precautions against kitchen fires can yield dire consequences for your dining services operation. Train employees to ensure maintenance of fire suppression systems and exhaust ducts, while using cooking equipment that minimizes fire risk. Read more

Procuring the Right Ice Maker

Published 8/5/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an ice maker. Whether the ice is to chill food or keep drinks cold, or whether to purchase air- vs. water-cooled equipment, shop carefully. Read more


Facilitating Strong Relationships with New Vendors

Published 8/15/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Establishing relations with new suppliers warrants a checklist. Dining service directors should ensure new vendors adhere to existing product specifications, sales tax exemptions and manufacturers' deals as well as other aspects. Read more


Bring Your Own Devices for Better Employee, Guest Relations

Published 9/25/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Providing your own smartphones and other mobile devices, with proper restaurant Internet connectivity, can allow managers and employees to more freely communicate with themselves and customers. Such an initiative can yield a better customer experience. Read more

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