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News Archives: September-April 2016


Minimizing Credit Card Processing Fees

Published 7/25/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

Merchant processing fees for credit and debit cards can be lowered by as much as  40 percent. Most credit cards will add markups and ancillary fees to squeeze as many dollars as possible out of an operation, but negotiating fees without a contract can swing into your favor.

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Commodity Prices Remain Favorable

Published 6/27/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

Now may be the time to build inventory for items that can be kept non-perishable. Across the board, food prices have fallen 2.9 percent this year through April and the forecast is for these costs to hold steady or decrease even more through 2016.

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Managing Labor Costs

Published 4/11/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

Determining labor costs does not have to be like throwing darts. Accurate sales forecasting, lean scheduling and daily labor tracking can help generate more out of your dollar.


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Physical Plant/Design

Being OSHA Compliant

Published 9/20/16 by Restaurant Hospitality

Maintaining a safe working environment not only protects your staff and patrons. Keeping the federal Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration (OSHA) satisfied also helps ensure your operation can continue. Proper storage of dangerous materials and the ability to perform duties without overextending yourself can reduce lost production time and other costs.


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'Tender' Steaks Can Pose Bacteria Risk

Published 5/23/16 by Kaiser Health News

Mechanical tenderizing, in which the beef muscle fibers are broken down, allows for easier chewing. However, such practices also increase the risk for foodborne illnesses, as bacteria on the outer surface can seep down to the beef's interior. Since the inside takes longer to cook and is more likely to be undercooked, bacteria have a higher chance for survival there.


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