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Dining News Archives - 2012

News Archives: April-March 2012

Articles Submitted by Industry Professionals

Food Service Design: After the Kitchen is Open

By Matthew Elliott
Partner/Director of Design, Avalon Designs & Consulting, LLC

Once a new, or newly renovated kitchen is open for service, then additional work must begin. It is important to take the staff through adequate training on new equipment, which includes the cleaning, expected staff maintenance, and instructions on who to contact for service and questions.

Looking for Transparency in the Purchasing Process

By Al Slickers
Director of Hospitality Services, Shell Point Retirement Community (Fort Myers, Fla.)


As the economic environment changes so does the very way that business is done with food service vendors and suppliers. In the past, the norm was to call every purveyor in town to get the best price on a list of items, searching for the best price of each individual item ... 

Choice Dining: What Does it Look Like from a Production Perspective?

By Michael Spector
Senior Vice President of Culinary Services, CareOne


Imagine that you were making the move to a senior living community and management said, “You must eat one meal per day in our dining room, seven days a week, and you can choose to either dine at 4:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. every night … Oh, by the way, if you choose to pass on eating in our dining room, your meal credit will still get used.” Not too appetizing of a proposition, don’t you think? What and when people eat matters more now than ever.

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