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News Archives: June-February 2014


Avoiding Legal Conflicts Involving Unhealthy Workers

Published 6/16/14 by Restaurant Hospitality

Dealing with an employee who has medical issues? Knowing the guidelines surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act can preserve productivity and save money. Read more


Study: Nearly a Third of Dementia Patients in Nursing Homes Malnourished

Published 2/12/14 by McKnight's

Roughly 30 percent of long-term care residents with dementia are malnourished, a recent study indicates. Malnutrition is the most common dietary problem associated with dementia patients. Read more


Chew on This: Grind Dining Creates Enjoyment for Memory Care Residents

Published 4/30/14 by Senior Housing News

A new concept geared toward memory care residents allows them to enjoy meals without physical or cognitive limitations. Grind dining mashes meals into finger foods that residents can savor using lollipop sticks or, of course, their fingers. Read more 

Senior Dining, Country Club Style

Published 4/14/14 by Senior Housing News

The Mather, a Chicago-area community, boasts anything but your traditional senior living dining program. Mather LifeWays goes upscale through menu items prepared by 'Top Chef'- caliber cooks in addition to locally sourced food. Read more 

Farm-to-Table Creates Dining Buzz for Mass. Community

Published 3/19/14 by Senior Housing News

Keeping the food source local has enhanced freshness for one Massachusetts community, while keeping residents engaged about food quality. Costs are not always lower than through mass distributors, however, but that has not dampened the farm-to-table excitement. Read more


Going Five-Star in Senior Dining

Published 6/30/14 by Senior Housing News

Senior living communities are incorporating five-star restaurants to gain a competitive dining edge. Such menu items feature sushi and other unique dishes from around the globe. Read more


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