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News Archives: June-May 2013


Recognize Employees in ways other than just Paychecks

Published 6/12/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

While employers may feel they are keeping their staff happy simply by signing their checks, indifference could be damaging. Feedback and recognizing employees for their work in other ways than just money can enhance morale and retention. Read more

Effectively Managing Labor Costs

Published 5/13/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Simply cutting wages and hours will not effectively keep labor costs in check - in fact, productivity likely will suffer because of it. Proper scheduling and staff training will yield a greater long-term return on your labor investment. Read more

Steps to Train New Staff in Policy, Procedure Compliance

Published 5/13/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Ensure your staff trainers teach new employees proper policies and protocols by creating a step-by-step curriculum and manual. This initiative should help guarantee standards are met and bad habits are avoided. Read more


The Future of POS: Mobile Terminals

Published 5/28/13 by Restaurant Hospitality

Now is the time to begin preparing for EMV (Europay International MasterCard and Visa), the mobile point-of-sale technology designed to make the payment process faster and easier. Merchants will eventually shift fraudulent transaction liability to dining service operators who do not use these devices. Read more

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