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News Archives: March-January 2020


Covid-19 Layoffs Creating Hiring Opportunities

Published 3/16/20 by Senior Housing News

The closing of bars, restaurants and nightclubs throughout the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many layoffs. With more hospitality workers unemployed, there is an opportunity for senior living providers to increase staffing in these areas, including dining.


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Pandemic Preparations

Published 3/10/20 by Senior Housing News

Senior living administrators, including those in dining, are weighing all options to keep staff, residents and guests safe during the coronavirus pandemic. In dining, this includes possibly shutting down communal dining and suspending takeout service in favor of delivery.


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Keeping the Dining Area Clean

Published 3/16/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

Even if the dining area is closed to guests because of coronavirus, it is vital to exceed and maintain back-of-house sanitation protocols for delivery and takeout, if applicable. These measures include hand washing, keeping ill employees at home and properly sanitizing food and equipment.


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Delivery and Takeout Safety

Published 3/27/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

If dining services is providing takeout and delivery to residents, it is important to maintain crowd control for takeout and proper hygiene, food and equipment sanitation across the board. Educate residents on how to safely store, cool and reheat meals as well.


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Creative Cost Control Without Raising Prices

Published 1/21/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

Don't want to have to raise menu prices to mitigate higher costs? Consider rewards programs and more diverse menus that offer items at every price point. Creating a unique ambiance in your dining facility should also help drive traffic.


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