News Archives: June-January 2019


Promoting Mental Health in the Kitchen

Published 6/11/19 by Restaurant Hospitality

Programs are sprouting that promote a healthier culture for back-of-house employees. Today's atmosphere of verbal and sexual harassment along with drug and alcohol use is driving some of today's cooks to their breaking points.


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Maintaining a Healthy Weight Upon Aging

Published 5/29/19 by Phen Clinics

As adults age, weight can become an issue for some. Experts examine steps older adults can take regarding diet, exercise and sleep habits.


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Wellness Revolutionizing Dining Programs

Published 3/3/19 by Senior Housing News

More senior communities are redesigning their menus to focus on wellness through anti-inflammatory diets. These offerings may consist of herbs instead of salt, extra protein over carbohydrates and juice bars that promote physical and spiritual well being, and in doing so yielding good-tasting food.


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Adequate Protein Critical for Older Adults

Published 1/17/19 by Kaiser Health News

A lack of protein in the aging process, especially in those older adults with chronic illnesses or facing hospitalizations, can exacerbate deteriorating health, scientists say. Sufficient protein is required to maintain healthy muscle mass, bone structure and other physiological functions.


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Fiber Reduces Disease Risk, Study Finds

Published 1/11/19 by CNN

Foods high in fiber such as whole grains, seeds and legumes have found to lower the risk of chronic diseases, according to a study published recently. The results uncovered a 15 to 30 percent reduction of cancer, heart disease and other chronic ailments as well as lower mortality rates.


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The Profitability of Catering

Published 2/1/19 by Restaurant Hospitality

Catering has been long viewed as a necessary nuisance given the added labor and other expenses. When executed properly, however, catering can evolve into an additional revenue stream, enrich customer  preference data and generate new business.


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