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News Archives: March-January 2017


Keeping Your Bottom Line in the Black

Published 3/24/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

Maintaining positive net income can be done in very subtle ways. Inventory and portion management, food cost percentages and distribution expenses can directly affect your bottom line but be sure to strike the right balance; for example, high menu prices may drive away customers but going too low can reduce your margins.

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Preparing for Immigration Enforcement

Published 2/28/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

With the Trump administration cracking down on undocumented immigrants, dining service managers need to take steps to ensure their employees can legally work in the U.S. Attorneys recommend verifying legal status through the government and subsequent documenting on I-9 forms.

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Recognizing, Confronting Employee Theft

Published 2/13/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

Having proper safeguards such as accountants, hospitality attorneys and professional spotters can help mitigate embezzlement. Be aware of discrepancies in income flows, inventory and abnormal use of the company credit card.

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Navigating Minimum Wage Hikes

Published 1/21/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

As laws raising the minimum wage go into effect, get creative to stay within budget. Develop interchangeable employees, adjust your payroll schedules and consider expanding the staffing calendar from one week to two.


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Effective Interview Techniques

Published 1/5/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

Standard question-and-answer interviews can make prospective employees uncomfortable and create an awkward atmosphere. Implementing a more informal, conversational approach while testing interviewees' abilities is more effective, say restaurant managers.

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