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News Archives: June-February 2018


Balancing Work, Personal Relationships

Published 3/6/18 by Restaurant Hospitality

Building social relationships with co-workers and managers at work - and outside the office as well - can build morale and make the job more enjoyable. That in mind, prioritizing the professional over the personal is key and managers must identify initiatives that reward merit and not friendships.

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Vitamin D may lower colorectal cancer risk, study finds

Published 6/14/18 by NPR

Even as past studies have proven inconclusive, recent research provides stronger evidence that vitamin D consumption can lower the risk of colorectal cancer. Foods such as milk, fish, grains and egg yolks contain the vitamin, while supplements are available as well.

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Reducing Food Waste

Published 2/8/18 by Restaurant Hospitality

Scale back on unused food by examining three phases: Prevention, such as limiting portion sizes and reusing uneaten food in other capacities like garnishes and daily specials; recovery, in which excess food is donated; and recycling, such as composting.

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Operating Multiple Dining Venues

Published 4/10/18 by Senior Housing News

Consistency in food quality and service, technological efficiencies and creating a unique atmosphere help drive successful dining programs. Many senior living executives are managing multiple venues nowadays that emphasize a high-end experience.

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Creating Effective Menus

Published 3/14/18 by Restaurant Hospitality

Developing an attention-grabbing menu helps keeps finances in the black and enhances customer satisfaction. Place top-selling items in the upper-right hand corner of the menu - where eyes tend to gravitate - and don't overwhelm guests with an overabundance of menu items to where they take longer to decide.

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