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News Archives: December-August 2019


The Art of Social Media Food Photos

Published 12/2/19 by Senior Housing News

Enticing prospective employees does not always have to be lip service. Sharing photos of dishes on social media and the eye appeal they provide can also lure workers to a community, as one organization discovered. The premise is allowing staff to get creative with their menu items and make work enjoyable.


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Predictive Scheduling to Emerge

Published 8/14/19 by Restaurant Hospitality

Laws in cities nationwide will soon require dining managers to provide 10-14 days scheduling notice to employees, citing the flexibility in allowing staff to manage child care, go to school or work another job. Penalties and litigation could face those not complying with the new mandates.


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Medicare Nutrition Benefit Little Known

Published 9/9/19 by Kaiser Health News

A Medicare benefit covering nutrition counseling for diabetes and kidney disease patients is underutilized, mainly because many eligible beneficiaries are not aware of it. One possible reason is many physicians are also not aware of this offering, which can enhance wellness and lower health care costs.


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Microfarms, 'Cloud Kitchens' Yield Fresh Food at Lower Costs

Published 12/4/19 by Senior Housing News

On-site microfarms and "cloud kitchens" are helping reduce food costs through hydroponic growing of vegetables and meal delivery without the overhead of a dining room. Residents are also able to grow their own fresh greens hydroponically, another example of promoting resident choice.


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