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News Archives: December-August 2018


Avoiding Legal Issues With Off-Clock Labor

Published 10/11/18 by Restaurant Hospitality

Requiring just a few extra minutes of employees' time when they are off the clock may be subject to extra compensation. Employers must have clear procedures in place for clocking in and out as well as knowing state and federal regulations.

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Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

Published 10/29/18 by Restaurant Hospitality

Devising initiatives that promote employee health can yield more inspired and energetic workers. For smaller operations these programs can mitigate the sometimes prohibitive cost of providing health insurance.

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Food Trucks, Food Halls on the Rise

Published 12/12/18 by Senior Housing News

Dining preferences among the younger generations of older adults include food trucks for seniors on the go and food court-type venues that offer more options. Arrangements to cater to the 'dinner party generation,' or small parties of guests, are also in demand, as are meatless proteins.

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Solving the Puzzle of Memory Care Dining

Published 8/30/18 by Senior Housing News

The challenge of addressing memory care dining should focus on resident behavior, environment and staff training. Appealing to residents' senses of smell, taste and color (sight) along with a flexible, simple menu can maximize effectiveness.

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Using Technology to Customize Service

Published 8/17/18 by Restaurant Hospitality

Dining services are using technology that tracks customer preferences across multiple venues. This software allows employees to identify where residents like to sit, when they have a birthday or an anniversary and what they usually order based on history.

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