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News Archives: December-August 2017


Preventing Sexual Harassment

Published 12/14/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

Recent accusations of sexual harassment by public figures has also brought attention to combating it in the dining industry. Orienting employees about the consequences of harassment and providing written policies are just part of the battle; employers also need to create a culture of respect and trust.


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Managing Costs Based on Food Prices

Published 8/24/17 by Restaurant Hospitality

As commodity prices rise, there are several steps dining service managers can take to stay in the black. Understand customer preferences, increase prices gradually and incrementally if need be and do so in anticipation of higher futures. Also, use promotions to steer guests toward more profitable menu items.

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Go Green, As In Leafy, For Brain Health

Published 12/20/17 by The Los Angeles Times

Eating leafy greens such as lettuce and kale has been found to enhance brain health in older adults, according to recent research. Over time, those who ate at least one serving of greens per day had a mental advantage of 11 years younger than those who did not eat their greens.

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Study: Greater Water Consumption Lowers UTI Risk

Published 10/20/17 by NPR

Simple as it may sound, drinking more water can reduce the chances of acquiring urinary tract infections, according to a recent study. The research is a complement to past studies suggesting cranberry juice can also mitigate UTIs but were found to be ineffective against recurring infections.

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The Salty Debate: Is Sodium Healthy?

Published 9/3/17 by NPR

The common rule regarding sodium intake is to avoid too much so as to control blood pressure, but recent research suggests too little can also cause cardiovascular ailments. Also, pro-sodium studies, which have been challenged by those emphasizing the harmful effects, indicate slightly more than the recommended daily allowance could be OK if there are no pre-existing circulatory issues.

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Twists to Enliven the Dining Experience

Published 8/16/17 by Senior Housing News

Many senior communities have added communal dining, wine options and rotating food stations to enhance mealtime experiences for residents. Demonstration cooking layouts allow guests to watch their food being prepared while conversing with the cooks.

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