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News Archives: August-April 2020


More Elderly Ordering Online, Study Finds

Published 8/12/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

Count older Americans among those taking advantage of online ordering for takeout and delivery during the covid pandemic. In June year over year, digital ordering among those 65 and older rose more than 400 percent, and this trend is likely to stay after the pandemic passes, experts say.


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Maintaining Morale and Mental Health

Published 7/29/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

The physical toll is not the only impact of Covid-19; mental health is just as much at risk. Engage employees through frequent communication, empathy toward their daily lives outside of work and through fostering a sense of mission and purpose.


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The Continuous Food Industry Shift

Published 7/2/20 by McKinsey & Company

As food producers adjust production and distribution practices based on demand and costs in the Covid-19 era, the service side is continuously adapting as well. Managing inventory and costs while promoting staff and resident safety may seem like constantly trying to hit a moving target, but creative solutions to safely and effectively run a dining program are plentiful.


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Addressing Covid-Infected Workers

Published 4/14/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

Keeping the dining operation safe when an employee contracts coronavirus is a multi-step process. The employee should remain at home while those who came into contact with him/her should be notified. Lastly, it is not uncommon to close a dining facility for 24 hours to disinfect.


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Design & Equipment

Covid-Tailored Dining Venue Design

Published 5/20/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

Tables further spaced apart, plastic dividers, outdoor seating and touchless kiosks are among the dining design concepts evolving in the Covid-19 era, along with existing food halls. The challenge is being innovative in covid safety while not sacrificing the social component that is vital to well being.


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The New Model: Grocery Sales, Meal Kits

Published 5/26/20 by Restaurant Hospitality

As the coronavirus pandemic limits interaction between dining services staff and residents, innovative models are paving the way for future business. Even after the crisis has subsided, current concepts such as dining venues selling its ingredients to prepare at home and meal kits to reheat could be part of the new normal.


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