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Dining Management Resources is a dining service teaching and consulting firm founded in1984. Our mission is to provide program design, management training, support and direction for dining services. This support, whether in the form of a benchmarking audit, transition or opening operational support, program/facility design, program or staff development is delivered in a need specific fashion based upon the requirements and expectations of the individual community.

All services and direction are founded upon a corporate culture and philosophy of advocacy for all individuals connected with and/or served by the dining services program. We advocate a holistic approach to dining service, recognizing that meal service is more than nutritional, it is a personal and community social event. We develop inclusive and collaborative programs and environments, bringing all constituencies together for the delivery of a true community-based dining services program.
Assess - Teach - Assure​
Having worked with over 650 long-term care and senior housing communities, we understand the need for and means to creating an environment that fosters and develops individual and program growth and evolution. This knowledge is delivered in an open, ego-less, collaborative and client need specific format.
Our Team
Daniel Look, CEO | Phone: (770) 855-3135

After completing his education at OhioWesleyan University, Dan held positions in multiple venues as Dining Services Director, Regional Director, Regional Vice President, and Vice President of Marketing before founding Dining Management Resources in 1984. He has built DMR into an industry leader for development of self-directed programs, working with over 650 communities to date. Dan is a regular presenter at workshops and seminars throughout the country, with OBRA and HACCP protocols the focus of many speaking engagements. He is a charter member of the Leading Age (formerly AAHSA, the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging) Assisted Living faculty and the author of the Dining Services chapter of Leading Age’s"Assisted Living Operations Manual." He has also been a faculty member of the National Certification Program for Retirement Housing Professionals (RHP) since RHP’s inception in 1986.

Daniel Hassan,
CEO, Grand Senior Living |

Phone: (508) 813-6601

Dan grew up in the hospitality industry, working on Cape Cod, and in Boston managing several high-end restaurants and later owning his own. After returning to graduate school to get his MBA, Dan soon found the retirement and senior housing industry very complementary to his earlier work experience, but with the additional component of providing healthcare, which combined both security and hospitality in thoughtfully designed environments for older adults. Now in his third decade in the industry, he is grateful to have served and touched many lives, and to have worked with dedicated professionals who have helped to make the industry a better place for all of us. In 2000, Dan started his own firm and continues to enjoy both personal and professional satisfaction on projects and locations of his choosing for Grand Senior Living and as a partner with Dining Management Resources. He received his bachelor’s degree from Emerson College, and an MBA from Suffolk University, both in Boston, MA.


Matthew Elliott, Partner/Director of Design, Avalon Designs | Phone: (404) 663-6084

Matthew began his career in 1992, working for a franchise of chain restaurants. This opportunity allowed him to learn multiple facets of restaurant development while purchasing and specifying FF&E, smallwares and service contracts. Additionally, new construction, renovations, and acquisitions exposed him to the challenges of code compliance and plan reviews. In 2002, he was invited to join the design and contract sales team at a local food service equipment and supplies dealer. During this time, he received his initial training in AutoCAD, and learned how to create drawing packages for clients. The dealer side also allowed him further insight into pricing, specifications and manufacturer product lines. He established Avalon Designs & Consulting, LLC (ADC) in 2006, with a goal of bringing exceptional value to food service design to the industry. Since that time, Matthew has worked on renovation and new construction projects with individual, small restaurants as well as organizations with multiple locations on their development schedules.

Expert Associates​


DMR routinely engages a full complement of specialists, from chefs, to dietetic clinicians, to facility designers. These experts allow DMR to quickly and efficiently augment its core team and meet client needs throughout the United States.

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